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Healthcare At Paneland, after endless efforts and hard work of last couple of few years, we have been able to establish our base in Healthcare and are proud to announce that we're now able to assist in online Healthcare surveys too.

Paneland now successfully operates in the following countries with proprietary & integrated partner panels:

APAC Europe
China UK
India Germany
Australia Italy
Indonesia Spain
Japan France
Korea Austria
Malaysia Belgium
Phillipines Denmark
Singapore Finland
Thailand Greece
North America and LATAM Netherland
USA Russia
Canada Switzerland
Brazil Sweden
Mexico Turkey
Argentina Poland
Colombia Portugal

*Apart from the listed markets above, we are continuously developing panels for the other countries as well. Feel free to contact us for any countries that are not mentioned above and we will check their current status to advice upon the feasibility.

Our increasing investment in the development of Healthcare panel aims to target almost every HC professional& patient. All our HC panelists are verified practicing doctors registered with the medical council of respective country and patients suffering with various medical conditions recruited via double opt in process, offline recruitment, License verification, call at place of work verification and also online verification via mails and website.

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