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Project Implementation
The 24/7 online service we offer, which is of reliabilty, flecibilty and high load, gets applaused from clients in 3 different time zones. We diversify our ways to put survey online through API and through assigned PM, and always choose the best one to meets our clients' needs. If a PM is assigned, he/she will get a quick response from each request, and then run a professional testing to detect any potential problem. If there is nothing wrong in the survey, a technical setup, which includes IP control, SS control etc., will be established in order to attract accurate target by basic and additional information of panelists. Once the project is online, the assigned PM will continue to monitor it, and produce a live detail report guide, a calculated sampling plan and operation.
You can always trust Paneland for its reliable and highly customized online service, covering almost all major aspects of your life from the healthcare you enjoy to the automobile you drive.
Survey Category
The strong competiveness of Paneland lies in our outstanding capacity to do research in a variety of industries. Our reseach spans from micro level fields including healthcare, consumer goods, automotive, education, finance, business decision making and tourism to macro level ones which cover business to business(B2B) and business to customer(B2C),mobile survey, APP survey. Through the cutting edge technology of our Project Management System (PMS), Paneland is able to better organize and manage sampling.
Customized Services
Clients can always rely on Paneland for highly customized service which is carefully designed by our specialists. Paneland has developed platforms for specific surveys, which are also compatible with smart phones and tablets.
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