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Profile Targeting
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Variety is a gift. Our profiles are always diversified through scientific classification.
We maintains a live dashboard control system to invite respondents according to our clients' needs. Thanks to the basic information from all the respondents, Paneland screens unqualified sample members through Big Data processing, which makes our reserch make clearer and better.
The highest eminence is to be gained step by step. Paneland pays attention to collect and make full use of tiny information of every single project. This gives birth to Paneland's Big Database, a strong tool that boosts the cost effectiveness of our research.
Our panel teams are tailored to respective national audiences, so as to ensure maximum response efficiency and data reliability. Our samples include basic information and value-added information.
Basic Information
Value Added Information
About Vehicle Enthusiast
Vehicle Ownership
Vehicle Brand
Vehicle Type/Model
Future Purchase Intention
About Wealth Management
Credit Card/Cards Ownership
Deposit Investment Destination
Family Net Asset
About Cellphone
Electronic Product Types
Cellphone Brand
Cellphone Operation System
Cellphone Telecommunications Operator
About Medical Officer
Length of Career
Registered Doctor Certificate Ownership
Work Location
Medical Department
About Health
Nearsightedness Development
Hearing-Aid Usage
Other Illness Development
Need for Related Medical Assistance
About Enterprise
Annual Profit
Current Job Position
About Maternity
Number of Babies
Birth Dates of Babies
Gender of Babies
Producers/Companies of Baby Food
About Game Player
Video Game Platforms
Time Investment on Video Games per Week
Purchased Video Games
Favorite Game Types
About Netizen
Network Connection Modes
Internet Connection Gadgets
Individual Website Ownership
Social Networking Preference
Time Investment on Internet per Week
About Tourist
Favorite Airline Company
Frequency of Traveling
Favorite Hotels
Last Year Traveling Destinations
About Food
Food Buyer
Favorite Beverage
Favorite Fast Food
Frequency of Consuming Fast Food
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