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Quality Control
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Quality Control
Paneland gives priority to high quality data and has adopted scientific mechanisms to safeguard that all its products are up to standard.Through our PMS(Project Management System), Paneland is very capable of combining online resources to fulfill our clients' needs.
Registration Check
Paneland selects only those respondents who are willing to be a part of the panel and are using the Internet at least 2 hours every week, and avoid dupication through a double opt-in process, IP control, APP registration control and email confirmation process after the initial registration. We then send follow up email to validate their IDs along with cross checking of earlier provided information.
Project Invitation Post
Paneland targets sample members by invitation only, a method which prohibits professional survey takers as we recruit pre validated individuals gathered from reliable recruitment sources. This also sparks a chain reaction where our active members will voluntarily enroll their family and friends and it is not fuelled by economic stimulus but support of our mission.
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